8.2. create

8.2.1. create distro

rocks create distro [arch=string] [dist=string] [rolls=string] [root=string] [version=string]

Create a Rocks distribution. This distribution is used to install Rocks nodes.



The architecture of the distribution. The default is the native architecture of the machine.


The directory name of the distribution. The default is: "rocks-dist".


A list of rolls that should be included in the distribution. This must be a list separated by spaces of the form: rollname,version. For example: rolls="CentOS,5.0 kernel,5.0". The default is to include all the enabled rolls for the native architecture. To get a list of enabled rolls, execute: "rocks list roll".


The path prefix location of the rolls. The default is: /export/rocks/install.


The version of the distribution. The default is the native version of the machine.


# rocks create distro

Create a distribution in the current directory.

8.2.2. create mirror

rocks create mirror {path} [arch=string] [rollname=string] [version=string]

Create a Roll ISO image from the packages found in the repository located at 'URL'.



The network location of the repository of packages.



Architecture of the mirror. (default = the architecture of of the OS running on this machine).


The base name for the created Roll. (default = 'updates').


The version number of the created Roll. (default = the version of Rocks running on this machine).


# rocks create mirror http://mirrors.kernel.org/centos/4.5/updates/i386/RPMS rollname=updates version=4.5

Will mirror all the packages found under the URL http://mirrors.kernel.org/centos/4.5/updates/i386/RPMS and will create a Roll ISO image named 'updates-4.5-0.i386.disk1.iso'.

8.2.3. create new roll

rocks create new roll {version} {name} {color} [color=string] [rollname=string] [version=string]

Create a new roll from a template.










# rocks create new roll

8.2.4. create package

rocks create package {directory} [prefix=string] [release=string] [version=string]

Create a RedHat or Solaris package from a given directory. The package will install files in either the same location as the given directory, or a combination of the directory basename and the provided prefix.



The source directory of the files used to create the OS-specific package.



The prefix pathname prepended to the base name of the source directory.


Release number of the created package (default is '1')


Version number of the created package (default is '1.0')


# rocks create package /opt/stream stream

Create a package named stream in the current directory using the contents of the /opt/stream directory. The resulting package will install its files at /opt/stream.

# rocks create package /opt/stream localstream prefix=/usr/local

Create a package named localstream in the current directory using the contents of the /opt/stream directory. The resulting package will install its files at /usr/local/stream.

8.2.5. create roll

rocks create roll {roll...}

Create a roll. You may specify either a single XML file to build one Roll or a list of ISO files to build a Meta Roll.



Either a list of Roll ISO files or the name of a single Roll XML description file. If a list of Roll ISO files to be merge together into a single Roll. Otherwise the single argument is assumed to be the name of the XML file generated by the top level Makefile in the Roll's source.


# rocks create roll roll-base.xml

Creates the Rocks Base Roll from the roll-base.xml description file.

# rocks create roll base*iso kernel*iso

Create a composite Roll from a list of Roll ISOs.

8.2.6. create torrent

rocks create torrent {path} [time=string]

Create a torrent file for a regular file. This command is heavily used by rocks-dist in order to prepare the RPMS for the Avalanche Installer.



The pathname of the file or directory requiring torrent files.



The timestamp to be encoded within the torrent. If none is provided the current time is used.


# rocks create torrent kernel-2.6.9-42.0.2.EL.i686.rpm

Generates a torrent file named kernel-2.6.9-42.0.2.EL.i686.rpm.torrent in the current directory.

# rocks create torrent rocks-dist/lan/i386/RedHat/RPMS

Generates torrent files for every file in the RPMS directory.