Chapter 1. Overview

Table 1-1. Summary

Maintained ByRocks Group
Architecturei386, x86_64
Compatible with Rocks5.3

Table 1-2. Roll Compatibility

RollRequires [a] Optional [b] Conflicts
alpha  X  
area51  X  
bio  X  
condor  X  
ganglia  X  
grid  X  
hpc  X  
java  X  
os (disk 1)X  
os (disk 2)X  
os (disk 3)  X  
os (disk 4)  X  
os (disk 5)  X  
os (disk 6)  X  
os (disk 7)  X  
pbs  X  
service-pack  X  
sge  X  
viz  X  
web-server  X  
xen  X  
a. You may also substitute your own OS CDs for the Rocks™ OS Roll CDs. In this case you must use all the CDs from your distribution and not use any of the Rocks™ OS Roll CDs.
b. Only Rolls that have been verified as compatible with this Roll are listed. Other Rolls will likely work, but have not been tested by the maintainer of this Roll.